This Omega x Swatch Collaboration Is Taking the Web By Storm

This Omega x Swatch Collaboration Is Taking the Web By Storm

Fans of the show have been overjoyed by an unexpected cooperation. Omega and Swatch have partnered up to create the MoonSwatch line, which includes 11 different models. These quartz timepieces in Bioceramic casings are designed to replicate the exact proportions and style of the renowned Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch...and they cost R3000.

The Speedmaster is a watch collector's must-have, but the current edition costs around R10,000. For many individuals, the chance to purchase it for a fraction of the price — with a dial that is truly co-signed by Omega — is enticing. But, let's face it, even if you already own a Moonwatch or have never wanted one (which is difficult to believe), they are just plain entertaining.

The MoonSwatch is the same 42mm in diameter as the Speedmaster, with all of the same details, including the case curves and "stepped" subdials. For a couple of reasons, they're immediately distinct from Speedmasters. First, quartz movements require a dial layout with subdials uniformly distributed across the dial, as opposed to the Speedmaster's arrangement, which clusters the subdials toward the lower half of the dial. "Swatch" and "MoonSwatch" are also visible on the dial if you look closely.

The one for the Moon is the closest to the original Omega Speedmaster, with each variation themed on a different celestial body in our solar system. Other variants, on the other hand, take some artistic liberty with Bioceramic, delivering a wide range of colorful casings and designs, like you'd expect from Swatch. Bioceramic is Swatch's proprietary material, which combines ceramic and castor oil to create a light, silky, scratch-resistant, and fascinating plastic-ceramic hybrid.

You can order one in pink for Venus, yellow for the Sun, green and blue for the Earth, or a Mars-themed one based on a prototype Omega built for NASA in 1972. The "dot over 90" design and a concealed "S" inserted into the middle of the crystal are two more features for super watch nerds. It's worthwhile to investigate all of the possibilities. Each will be attached to a velcro strap, precisely like the astronauts' spacesuits.

While there are several collaborations these days, collaborations between two watch businesses are uncommon, with secrecy and competition being the norm. Even while Omega and Swatch are both Swatch Group companies, it's nevertheless astonishing to see the respected Omega (and Speedmaster) name legitimately on a R3000 watch. Some may argue that it devalues the Omega name and the Speedmaster design, but it also portrays Omega as whimsical, attracting a younger audience — and those who can't afford a Speedmaster right now. We'd want to see more of this type of collaboration between watchmakers.

So, how do you go about getting one? For the time being, they'll only be offered in a few Swatch locations starting this Saturday, March 26, and each buyer will be limited to two purchases. In other words, they may be difficult to obtain because they will not be available online, at least for the time being.

We are currently looking to add the watch to our collection however we can not say how long this will take to be realised and available at our Store.

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