Jewellery designed by Sunsonite jewellery boutique custom designed rings

Bespoke Jewellery for anyone.

At the Sunsonite Jewellery Boutique we house classic and designer pieces of Jewellery in all shapes and forms however sometimes that is not enough. We tend to only display minimum copies of the same style to make it more exclusive to our clients however we realise that everyone want their own personal identity to stand out and expressed.

Custom design jewellery for him and her from sunsonite jewellery boutique


We encourage custom designing your own jewellery. You can either visit us with ideas from the internet or a custom drawn item. We sit with you and assist you with what is possible and what is not. 


We want you to feel unique and proud of your own ideas and we encourage that. We guide you and go through a few stages of rendering your idea, printing 3d models for you to try on and finally to set it in gold and diamonds.


At times our workshop prices work out cheaper than pre-produced pieces as we hand select them and work out the best solution and pricing options for you. We do not take shortcuts however and like being proud of our creations as well and this might take time. We work around a week-to-week feedback loop to stay connected with you and stay on the job.


We encourage diamond ,moissanite, gold and platinum jewellery designs as these tend to work out cheaper than pre-produced retail items at almost all jewellery stores in South Africa and at times discourage silver items as production costs is much higher than the actual item itself.

In the spirit of fashion jewellery trends and style for jewellery design from 2022 we would love to serve you and offer you quality custom design jewellery.

Feel free to get a quote here: Design Form

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