Jewellery Cleaning

Cleaning Services:

At our Shop

Professional jewellery cleaning is provided at Sunsonite and can be completed while you wait. If you have a large number of items, you can always leave them with us for a modest charge to be cleaned and inspected.

For a deep clean please book your items in at our store to be cleaned at our Workshop.

Cleaning Inspection

Before cleaning, our agent will evaluate your jewellery to make sure there are no loose stones or other issues that need to be addressed. If you like, they can evaluate your belongings even more thoroughly to alert you to any potential dangers or future repairs to consider.

Custom Design Appraisal

All fine jewellery created completely of SUnsonite materials may come with a written assessment upon request. Let your representative know if this is something that interests you while placing a jewellery order with us.

Jewellery Cleaning

A agent will assess the best technique of cleaning your jewellery once it has been confirmed that it is safe to proceed. Book your piece in to go to our workshop for the polishing wheel that shines precious metals, the ultrasonic cleaner cleans minor cracks, and the steamer shines any stone. If you're cleaning white gold jewelry, Rhodium plating is one option.

Note that you will need to agree to the quote we send before we proceed with any actions.