Ring Resizing

Determine your ring size:

Size your Ring

One of our agents will size your finger with consideration when you visit our shop. Because each finger is different, make sure you know which hand and finger you'll be wearing your ring on. We have thin and thick ring sizers for you to try on in half-size increments, depending on the width of the ring you plan to wear. The breadth of the ring, as well as the number of rings worn together, define the size required.

Measure an Existing Ring

If you're buying for someone else, you might be able to gauge their finger size by measuring one of their existing rings. If you're making a ring with Sunsonite, our agents at our shop can always size it to the recipient's finger after it's been given to them.

Sizing Alternatives

If you have swollen or arthritic fingers, be sure to discuss your alternatives with our jewelry specialist. Rings with sizing beads, adjustable shanks, and other features will fit over your knuckle without spinning on the thinnest part of your finger.

Size Guarantee

If we're constructing a ring for you or someone you care about, we want to make sure it fits perfectly. Build sure you know which finger the ring will be worn on before we begin, and our jewellers will custom make it in your size. We will change the size of the ring as needed once it has been produced until you or your loved one believes it is comfortable.