Designs your own bespoke jewellery

Jewellery design from home may be enjoyable and rewarding. You will have direct access to a agent through our forms and a agent will assist you throughout the whole process.

Contact A Representative

Soon, one of our agents will be in touch with you. Simply enter your message in the area below. After that, we'll set up a call or a meeting to get things started.

Make Your Idea Real

A designated agent will start by determining your requirements and collecting necessary materials for your creation. They'll next flesh out your concept and interact with you using images, computer-generated renderings, and other design tools to help you visualize your creation.

Make Your Own Jewelry

Once you accept and pay 50% Deposit on the Quote the following process will take effect:
  1. 3D Rendering of accepted piece (1 week)
    Once you accept the design we proceed.

  2. 3D Printed wearable / fitted piece (1 week)
    Once you Accept the Model we proceed.

  3. We mold, fit and polish the final design. (2 weeks)
    You will be required to pay the final difference before you will be allowed to leave our store with the item.

    Custom design ring from sunsonite (pty) ltd