Jewellery Repair

Servicing & Repairing Jewellery:

Jewellery Repair

Our team of model makers, bench jewellers, stone setters, and expert craftsmen undertake all jewellery repairs at our Pretoria workshop. Our team will check and diagnose the best possible solutions for your jewelry, whether it's a cracked ring or a bent or broken prong. While typical repairs are completed within a week, if speed is critical please consultant our Staff at Sunsonite Brooklyn Mall.

Stone Tightening & Replacement

Your piece will be handled by expert stone setters if you need your stones tightened or prongs adjusted. We have most of these replacements on hand if your valuable stones or diamonds are lost or damaged. Perhaps the stone you want is more unusual; our shop has a vast array of resources from which we can locate the ideal alternative. We may have a stone custom-cut and fitted to your jewellery in some cases. The integrity of the prongs, channels, or any other metal holding your stones in place will constantly be checked by our jewellers.

Jewellery Restoration

While we can recreate practically any style from the ground up, some antiques and valuable Jewellery treasures are so sentimental that you may want to restore them to their original state. Jewellery Restoration is for pieces that require more than routine maintenance. One of our skilled jewellery artisans completes this demanding and satisfying feat at our workshop.

Jewellery Maintenance

A free jewellery inspection and cleaning is available at our Brooklyn Store. Regularly inspecting your jewelry will help to guarantee that it is safe to wear. If you want a more thorough inspection, they will alert you to any potential hazards or future repairs that need to be addressed. This prophylactic action should be done every 3 to 6 months, if possible, to keep stones from coming out, clasps from loosening, and so on.