Jewellery Appraisal

Appraisal Services:

Written Appraisal

Sunsonite agents performs a written jewellery appraisal. This could be mandated by your insurance company. It shows the current market value of your jewellery and the expense of replacing it. The appraisal procedure is conducted in-house at an hourly cost. Your jewellery is never required to leave the premises unless further testing needs to be done to analyze full details on unknowns or uncertain sizes of pieces and metals.

You receive an appraisal either by printout or e-mail with every purchase at our shop.

Verbal Appraisal

This is a verbal estimate given by a skilled consultant in person. This service is great if you have a lot of jewellery and want to know how much it's worth without having to pay for an official written appraisal. Your consultant will charge you an hourly rate to sit with you and identify each piece of jewelry. This will have to be done in person at our workshop. For further details call our store for a booking.

Custom Design Appraisal

All fine jewellery created completely of Sunsonite materials may come with a written assessment upon request. Let your representative know if this is something that interests you while placing a jewellery order with us.

Appraisal Update

Insurance companies may demand you to update your previous appraisals every few years to reflect current market worth. Appraisal Updates are available at our store for a honest cost for jewellery purchased with us Sunsonite, as well as jewellery previously appraised with us. To get started, simply bring in your jewellery so that we can analyze its present condition and make any necessary updates.