Ring Types with Samples of Each

Ring Types with Samples of Each

Ring Types You Should Know.

The jewelry area encompasses more than just wedding bands and engagement rings.

Diamonds and glam cocktail accessories certainly come to mind when you hear the word "ring." When you Google "ring," you usually see the traditional solitaire diamond ring, although there are in fact a ton of other ring styles to be mindful of, from the traditional mother's ring to stacking bands to the iconic mood ring from the '70s.
Everyone enjoys wearing rings because you are able to observe them the most. When you wear earrings, you can only see them when you look in the mirror, while you can enjoy a nice ring all day long when you look at your hands.
Learn more about some of the ring styles in the sections below to broaden your knowledge. You might already own a few (birthstone bands!) or be thinking about adding a specific type to your jewelry collection.

1. Engagement Rings.

First and most important ring for any relationships first step, the engagement ring. The practice of exchanging rings during the ceremony has a long tradition world wide. This ring includes a band of metal that was thought to be a token of blessing sealing the bond of affection between people in a relationship.
Engagement rings these days can be anything from basic and elegant diamond solitaires to striking, eye-catching designs that you have designed by Sunsonite Jewellery Boutique. Big and flamboyant yellow gold is the current fashion, as seen in our observations on runway, Tv Shows and other events. Wedding guests are switching from more delicate, thin diamond, moissanite or Lab Grown Diamonds mounted to bands with more weight. Since many of our clients value sustainability and want something totally unique that you won't see on anyone else, we have also observed a significant demand for antique and vintage rings and we design, print and make it exactly as our client request. Working hand-in-hand with a workshop that has been doing their best work for 32 years.

Solitaire cluster set ring with diamond and 9ct yellow gold

Key Ingredients to a Engagement ring:

  1. Shape: Solitaire, Cluster set in a Solitaire Setting, Trilogy or  Filigree Design.
  2. Stone: Any Shape and form with a focus on Diamond, Moissanite or Lab-grown Diamonds as they can be worn everyday without having any or next to no tarnishing.

    2. Wedding Band.

    Wedding bands are a symbol of your love and dedication to your partner, regardless of whether you choose a traditional gold wedding band, a ring studded with diamonds, or something new and fashionable or matches the band of your to be Husband. These are worn separate or fused after the Ceremony and the design supports the design and theme of the engagement ring.

    Different Wedding Bands by Sunsonite Jewellery Boutique in 9ct Yellow Gold

    Key Ingredients to a Wedding Band:

      1. Shape: Usually lower or shaped around your wedding ring and is made for a snug fit. But the Shape is all up to your creativity. We used samples of eternity bands and wishbones however this part is all up to the bride as no diamonds and any gemstone can be used.

      2. Stone: Any Shape and form with a focus on the existing ring as they can be worn everyday without having any issues. This Band can be worn separate or fixed to the existing ring.

    3. Stack Rings.

    With stackable rings or bands, you can assemble a completely one-of-a-kind wedding set. Sunsonite advises beginning with a broad solid gold band or diamond band because they tend to match everything, but the order of your stack is entirely up to you. No two stacks are identical, which is what makes stacking so trendy. The distinctiveness of the textures, stones, and finishes; otherwise, it would just be a row of identical bands. Your stack becomes intriguing when there is some variety in it. It resembles a quality compilation.

    Stackable rings are formed with many simple rings added next to eachother

    Key Ingredients to Stacking Band:

        1. Shape: Usually straight designs that can go up close next to each other. This can be of any colour and any gemstones and is based on your personal style and desired look and finish.

        2. Stone: Any shape and form with a focus on the existing bands as they should sit neatly right next to each other. This bands can be worn separate or fixed to the existing ring. With any combination of stones your heart and style needs.

    4. Signet Rings.

    Since the beginning of time, men of importance have worn signet rings; they were even discovered among the artifacts of the Egyptian pharaohs. Today, you can personalize a signet in countless ways and select from sentimental antique items or more contemporary designs and they are not bound by gender anymore. Put your initials, a meaningful emblem, or if you have one, your family crest in the engraving. 

    Signet rings for men, woman and everyone from sunsonite jewellers

    Key Ingredients to Signet Ring:

        1. Shape: Supportive of the crown or top of the ring that houses enough space to accommodate engraving or laser cutting to the designs you request.

        2. Stone: Any shape and form of stone can be added to the ring and engraving to your requested design. Rubies however are an all time favourite.

    5. Anniversary Bands.

    When you reach a significant occasion, like 10 or 20 years, you may receive an anniversary gift. These rings are usually worn with your wedding band. These can be separate stone rings worn in a stack or bands made of gold, silver, or diamonds. Can be any shape or form of band as long as it fits with the wedding set.

    All Aniversary rings for the wedding ring sunsonite jewellery

    Key Ingredients to Signet Ring:

    1. Shape: Supportive of the wedding set and goes with it creatively.
    2. Stone: Any shape and form of stone can be added to the ring and engraving to your requested design.

    6. Mothers Rings.

    The birthstones of each child are traditionally set in a cluster on a mother's ring. If that's not precisely your style, you can choose to update the mother's ring by stacking gemstone bands together or by giving it a more contemporary look by using more contemporary cuts and settings. When it comes to celebrating an anniversary or a birth, all custom is ignored. With gemstones that just so happen to have complementary hues, we were able to create some lovely mother's rings. But we advise against forcing it if the birthstones conflict with each other.

    Choose what appeals to you rather than attempting to create something that ultimately comes off as haphazard or strange.

    All gemstone and precious stone design mothers ring and rainbow rings.

    Key Ingredients to a Mother's Ring:

    1. Shape: Any style you love or goes with your hand shape.
    2. Stone: Any shape and form of stone can be used as long as it is corresponding to your children or grandchildren's birthday.

    7. Birthstone Rings.

    As a kid, did you wear a birthstone ring? A common way to announce your birth month to the world was to purchase one of those small gem rings from the dollar store or from a gift shop, or perhaps you were given a unique piece with your stone for a significant event. The list of birthstones was codified in 1912, with significant changes made in the 1950s (alexandrite, citrine, pink tourmaline, and zircon) as well as in 2002 (tanzanite for December).There are a ton of options in choosing the best gemstone for daily wear, with multiple birthstone lists to chosen from, modern vs. traditional.

    If you don't like your birthstone, pick a different stone instead—the guidelines no longer hold true. The list that has been in use for 100 years was partly developed with a reference to history and stones that have been connected to particular seasons for millennia. But more than that, it was determined by the types of gems that were offered for purchase. Choose your own gemstone if you don't like yours!

    Birth stone rings from sunsonite jewellers

    Key Ingredients to a Mother's Ring:

    1. Shape: Any style you love or goes with your hand shape.
    2. Stone: Any shape and form of stone can be used as long as it is corresponding to your birthstone.


    8. Cocktail Rings

    It's not necessary to wear cocktail rings solely to make a statement. They are increasingly in demand among couples seeking for distinctive and vibrant engagement rings. Cocktail rings became fashionable in the Roaring '20s and have remained so ever since. Having numerous rings was seen as a sign of success because it indicated that your life was extremely affluent.

    Thies advises selecting a piece that fits your lifestyle and has a color that complements your wardrobe if you're looking to buy your first gorgeous cocktail band. If you frequently wear earth tones, she advises choosing jewels like citrine or tourmaline that go well with those hues. We also recommend wearing an all-metal right-hand band; a large, ornate cocktail ring in gold will serve you well.

    Multi stone design cocktail rings by sunsonite jewellery boutique

    Key Ingredients to a Mother's Ring:

    1. Shape: Big styles that you love and that goes with your hand shape.
    2. Stone: Any shape and form of stone can be used as long as it is corresponding to your birthstone and somewhat big.

    How did you like these? Which one is your favourite type and style? Give us your thoughts on these.

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