Specials for Months

Specials for Months

We are excited to announce a roadmap for the rest of 2022 with you.

Custom orders:

We are hard at work getting your stylish custom designs to you as soon as possible. With Load Shedding we have added a day or two to the turnaround time but we try and finish it even before the original dates as you deserve the best service when choosing us.

Summer is Coming

With the upcoming Wedding Season and Christmas Season we want you to have your Special Gifts and Engagement jewellery and Wedding Jewellery for Him or Her long before it is needed so that you get what you want on time.

We will strive to keep our clients happy and give them the first world service they deserve as ranked by the ratings on Google.

Plan ahead to stay ahead and let us do the rest.

Black Friday

Black Friday is well on its way and we will be offering amazing deals the whole of November just to give you time to make the correct decisions. Specials for Black Friday will include only items we have in store and we will update you every single week with updates and changes to the website and items we add. 

Discounts will not apply to any workshop or instore services this year.

December Craze

On 1 December we will be announcing the winner of the Daniel Wellington Watch.
Stay tuned and make sure to follow either our instagram Page or Facebook page.

We are looking forward to the Christmas Season however we predict an influx of orders and as happy it makes us to see you happy and excited to receive your items we would like you to plan your gifts ahead.

Combo Deals can still be discussed with our Marketing team if you do want us to make up a full combo platter of gifts with drinks, food, ties, flowers, watches and jewellery.

Plan, Budget and spread the love.

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