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Silver Cleaning and Polishing Cloth

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  • A quick and simple way to clean your silver jewellery at home.
  • With our two-step polishing process, you can bring back the original sheen of your silver jewellery.
  • Apply an anti-tarnish barrier to jewellery to help prevent further tarnish accumulation.
  • The 100% natural cotton fibre used to create UltraSoft® polishing cloths is a renewable resource.
  • To help shield your jewellery from additional tarnish buildup, our inside cloth cleans and applies an anti-tarnish layer while also removing dirt and tarnish.
  • Using the outer, darker cloth, polish jewellery to a brilliant sheen.
  • Excellent for cleaning watches as well.

  • Two extra-large polishing cloths
  • 28cm x 35.5cm